Policy Progress: The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade Initiated Amendments to the Procedure for Determining the Procurement Subject for Medical Devices

As a result of continuous Chamber advocacy campaign and dialogue with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (hereinafter – the Ministry) aimed at amending the Ministry's Order #454 which approves the procedure for determining the procurement subject, the Ministry developed the Draft Order amending this procedure for medical devices.



Procurement of medical devices will be carried out in accordance with the national classifier NK 024:20 "Classifier of medical devices" approved by the Ministry’s Order #159 dated February 5, 2019. As a result, signing of the Draft Order will contribute to simplification of procurement process, combating corruption, and most importantly, healthcare facilities will be able to procure more quality materials, tools and medical equipment.

Chamber Healthcare Committee experts welcome this Draft Order, as, if adopted as proposed, it will help the healthcare system to cover the needs of Ukraine’s patients in medical devices.

Chamber Members repeatedly raised the issue of developing and implementing the classifier for medical devices to the public procurement system and looking forward to rapid signing of the Draft Order and its registration by the Ministry of Justice.