Policy Progress: The Government Amended CMU Resolutions on Simplification of Accreditation Procedure and Licensing Conditions for the Healthcare Facilities

The Government adopted Amendments to CMU Resolution #765 dated July 15, 1997 and CMU Resolution #285 dated March 2, 2016 regarding simplification of the accreditation procedure and licensing of the healthcare facilities. These amendments allow medical institutions to obtain accreditation right after receiving a license. Previously licensed institutions had to wait two years to submit documents for accreditation.

Now accreditation is voluntary. Also, the time for preparation of documents for passing the certification will take less time as mandatory statistical report (form #20) was removed from the list of documents for passing the accreditation.

Amendments to licensing conditions for conducting economic activity in medical practice also foresee elimination of local healthcare protocols and provide medical care in accordance with clinical protocols and standards of medical care (medical standards) as well as obligation to publish information about existing medicines and medical supplies.

However, medical institutions that do not have a certificate of accreditation will not be able to issue a sick leave. Chamber Healthcare Committee will continue to work actively on this and other related issues.