Policy Win: The Government Unblocked the Mechanism for Transboundary Movement of Obsolete Crop Protection Products

On February 20, the Cabinet of Ministers published at its official website Resolution #1212 amending CMU Resolution #1120 which is an important step in resolving the issue of disposal of obsolete pesticides.

The Chamber was persistently advocating for adoption of mentioned CMU Resolution as it aims to unblock mechanism of transboundary movement of obsolete pesticides, which in turn will open export of hazardous waste for disposal abroad, irrespective to the fact of presence or absence of respective enterprises in Ukraine. This could help combating the counterfeiting and smuggling of crop protection products.

Chamber Member Companies are looking forward to successful practical implementation of CMU Resolution's provisions by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources.

We would like to thank Chamber Seeds Committee Co-Chairs: Natalia Gusieva, Bayer and Vitaliy Fedchuk, Monsanto Ukraine as well as Chamber Member Companies' experts for their contribution and active position.