Policy Win: Kyiv City Council Approved Amendments to Its Decision on Taxation in Hospitality Sector in Kyiv

The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine welcomes the amendments of Kyiv City Council to its Decision #242/5629 "On Establishment of Local Taxes and Duties in Kyiv".

These amendments entered into force on February 14, 2019 and included certain Chamber proposals, namely: reducing tourism tax for both internal (0,4 %) and international (1%) tourists; canceling the provision on the advance payment of tourism tax. Additionally, January 2019 won’t be subject to taxation as transition period.

We would like to thank all Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, who were actively involved in this advocacy process, for their contribution. Experts of the Chamber Member Companies will continue working on further facilitation of better conditions for doing business in hospitality & tourism sphere in Ukraine.