Policy Win: Parliament Voted for One Year Extension of Procurement via International Organizations

On November 23, during the session devoted to the approval of 2019 State Budget, the Parliament voted for the extension of legal framework, set in 2015, on centralized medicines’ and medical devices’ procurement outsourcing from Ministry of Health of Ukraine to international organizations – UNICEF, UNDP and Crown Agents.

Due to the issues with procurement back in 2014, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine outsourced the procurement of medicines and medical devices to UNDP, UNICEF and Crown Agents. This decision was confirmed by adoption of the Law on shifting procurement of medicines and medical devices to international organizations in 2015 with expire date on March 31, 2019.

According to the Law, the procurement through the international organization is extended till March 31, 2020.

Additionally, on October 25, 2018 the Ministry of Health of Ukraine registered the State-Owned Enterprise "Medical Procurement of Ukraine." This enterprise will ensure the further development of medical procurement reform and the establishment of a Central Procurement Agency. In 2019-2020 this enterprise will start pilot projects on the procurement of medicines at the expense of the Global Fund and later it will serve as Central Procurement Agency.

The Chamber welcomes the adoption of the Law and is looking forward to its signing by the President of Ukraine.