Policy Progress: State Register of Disinfectants Was Approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

The Chamber welcomes approval of State Register of Disinfectants by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine which was published on the Ministry's official website.

Register's approval is an important step aimed at restoring the mechanism of state registration (re-registration) of disinfectants and due implementation of CMU Resolution #178 dated March 14, 2018 "On Amendments to the Procedure for State Registration (Re-registration) of Disinfectants" as advocated by the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine.

As of now, Register contains the list of approved disinfectants that successfully passed the procedure of state registration (re-registration) and hence can be placed on the market.

The Chamber welcomes this decision of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and will continue working on further facilitation of improving the procedure of state registration/re-registration of disinfectants and developing respective normative acts thereto.