Policy Progress: The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Initiated Prolongation of Transition Period for SI Units Regulation

As a result of continuous Chamber advocacy campaign and several rounds of negotiations with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine (hereinafter – the Ministry) aimed at amending the Ministry's Order #914 which approves SI units and rules for their application (hereinafter – the Order), the Ministry developed a Draft Order foreseeing the prolongation of transition period set out by the Order.

The Order was approved with regard to approximation of Ukrainian regulation to European standardization, metrological and accreditation systems as well as conformity assessment procedures as defined in the Chapter 3 "Technical Barriers to Trade" of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. However, there is a legal ambiguity in the scope of Order's application which is specified as "legislatively regulated metrology", but at the same time some of the Order's provisions establish requirements to products' labelling. It creates inconsistencies, including labelling duplication, with other sector-specific regulations related to food & beverage, medical devices & medical products, seeds & crop protection products, consumer goods and feeds spheres.

Thus, prolongation of the transition period for another two years gives an additional time to businesses for settling the issue.

Business community united by the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine welcomes the Ministry's Draft Order and will continue further negotiations in terms of exclusion of certain product categories from the scope of Order's application.