Lecture: “Bioengineering: Challenges & Opportunities for Ukraine” with Dr. Ilya Rachman, CEO of Immix Biopharma (USA)



Mr. Rachman, CEO, Immix Biopharma, Inc a Los Angeles, CA  shared his experience on:

  • Development of the new generation of nano-therapies for metastatic cancer.
  • Conceiving unique approach, based on combining the developments in material science, biology and clinical medicine
  • Interdisciplinary integration and coordination
  • Insights on the future of biotechnologies
  • International cooperation as a key component of the strategy
  • Ukraine's unique position and potential advantages for developing pharmaceutical industry 

Dr. Ilya Rachman, is a Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Immix Biopharma, Inc a Los Angeles, CA - based biotech firm specializing in oncology drug research & development, targeting chemotherapy-resistant cancer. Under Dr. Rachman's leadership, Immix developed 2 compounds that show excellent efficacy against chemotherapy-resistant forms of metastatic cancer and are being advanced into human clinical trials. In addition to co-inventing all of the Immix technology, Ilya Rachman has successfully put together a multidisciplinary R&D team comprised of biophysics and drug delivery, protein engineering and lipid manufacturing experts. He has built deep relationships in the pharmaceutical research industry and a detailed understanding of the FDA approval process.