Workshop on the Application of Duty Free Preferences Offered by the GSP



On July 29, Chamber Members met with Ms. Laurie Kelleher, WTO Advisor, Commercial Law Development Program to discuss practical aspects of application of duty free preferences offered by the United States’ Generalized System of Preferences (GSP). The meeting took place with the participation of representatives from the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine - Ms. Alina Shyshkina, Department of Bilateral and Multilateral Trade and European Integration, Mr. Igor Kalaida and Ms. Ivanna Melnik, Department for Cooperation with the WTO and Trade Protection as well as representative from the US Embassy – Mr. Lawrence Pixa, Economic Trade Officer

In her welcoming remarks, Ms. Laurie Kelleher briefly outlined her previous activity at the office of the U.S. Trade Representative which was closely connected to the issues of GSP for Ukraine. During the presentation Ms. Kelleher covered the overview of the program itself as well as specific issues of the use of this tool for Ukraine. The Trade Preferences Act of 2015 authorizes the United States' GSP through December 31, 2017 and makes GSP retroactive to July 31, 2013. As provided in the Act, duty-free treatment of GSP-eligible imports has become effective on July 29, 2015. By eliminating the import duty, Ukrainian goods can be offered at a lower price in the U.S. market increasing their competitiveness. 

As the event was an excellent opportunity to consider the most challenging issues related to the application of GSP to Ukraine, the parties discussed a number of practical aspects, namely:

  • implications as to refund opportunities for Ukrainian exporters;
  • peculiarities of documents necessary to demonstrate eligibility (attestation process);
  • product coverage of GSP;
  • eligibility issues;
  • rules of origin requirements;
  • possibilities of adding new products to GSP.

Please click here to view the presentation delivered by Ms. Laurie Kelleher

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