Sprint-42, Inc.


  • Director:
    Michael Jason Mitura
  • Address:
    850, New Burton Road, Dover, Kent county, 19904
  • E-Mail:
  • Phone:
    +1 (214) 244-2833
  • City:
    Dover, Kent county
  • Fax:
    +1 (214) 244-2833
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More Information

Sprint-42 is a reliable AI teams provider aimed to create the basis for an easy and effective way to enter the market.

Applying data science, finest software development practices and cutting edge technology we become your business core.
Ai & Machine Learning
Can a machine think like a human does?
Applying data science, intellectual data analysis, and forefront AI technology our brilliant team of experts brings Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to boost your business and answer “Yes”.
Computer vision:
Our world is being lighted up by an image-recognition spark: smart cameras, connected and self-driven cars, robotics, and other solutions occupy the market.
Venture capital funding in computer vision reached $522 million in 2016 that is 2.8 times higher than in 2015, according to CB Insights. Our experts are ready to develop an instrument that sees like a human to get your clients' juices flowing.
Voice& Audio
With our background and vast expertise in solving difficult problems in the sphere of acoustics and audio signal processing, we help clients to harness the power of voice recognition in order to make product hit the shelves.
Big Data and Analytics
We are overloaded with tons of information. A lot of data means a lot of problems.
Want to get the right information in the right time to avoid problems? We know how to restrain Big Data and give you the right insight faster and make processes more nimble.