Edvantis Software, Inc.


  • Директор:
    Олександр Глазунов
  • Адреса:
    Львів, 79026, Вул. Володимира Великого, 2
  • Пошта:
  • Телефон:
    +38 (032) 232-1723
  • Місто:
  • Факс:
    +38 (032) 232-1724
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Більше інформації

Edvantis Software, Inc. is a leading provider of software engineering services to software-intensive businesses worldwide. On international market since 2000 and significantly streamlined at the end of 2005, today Edvantis is a premier Eastern European-based supplier of software development and maintenance.

Edvantis' service is different and much more than a commodity often purchased from an offshore service provider. Among the things which contribute to our company's success are:
- the strong set of values ingrained into Edvantis' culture which sparkles proactivity, commitment, and strive for customer's delight;
- our people regularly recognized by Edvantis customers as the strongest software engineering task force they've ever contracted;
- dedication of the company to our employees which is appreciated and returned as a long-term commitment of Edvantisians to the company and our customers.

Edvantis delivers the complete range of tailored outsourcing services – development of software solutions, software verification and testing, and software maintenance and porting – all united by their focus on maximizing the business value for our clients. Our proprietary software engineering service model, The Edvantis Way is ISO 9001:2000 and CMMI Level 4 compliant. We help our customers turn their business goals into reality, and our software engineering service is regularly recognized as unbeatable value for money.

We have proven our ability to understand our clients' corporate cultures, to exercise fairness, and to show consideration and adaptability in dealing with our customers and partners.
Edvantis' strengths most fully convert into advantages for our customers in long-term partnerly relationships. Talk to us now to find out more at info@edvantis.com