PepsiCo Ukraine


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PepsiCo is one of the leaders of Ukrainian food and beverages market. The company holds leading position on the market of juices where it is represented by the brands “Sandora”, “Sadochok”, “Sandoryk”. The company’s portfolio also includes soft drinks Pepsi, 7UP, Mirinda, cold tea Lipton Ice Tea, mineral water “Essentuki” and “Aqua Minerale”. The company is represented by the brands Lay's and “KhrustTeam” on the market of snacks. PepsiCo in Ukraine also has solid positions on the market of milk products under brands “Chudo”, “Slovianochka”, “Mashenka”, “Smachnenkyi” and baby food “Agusha”.

PepsiCo activities are based on the principle of “Performance with purpose” what is company’s deeply believe that its success goes hand in hand with the stability of the world. The company’s team considers that constant products transformation, responsible attitude to the planet protection and development of local communities in the places of PepsiCo activities allows the company to remain successful and be a company creating a long-term value for the community and shareholders.

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