Business community supports Extended Producer Responsibility

Business community, united by the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, calls Members of Parliament to refrain from supporting fragmentary solutions, such as establishment of "green tariff" on burning of household waste, foreseen by Draft Law #4835-d, due to the following risks:




  • Burning of unsorted waste due to the lack of sorting criteria, control mechanism and responsibility for violation of sorting requirements
  • Blocking of separate waste collection, waste recycling as well as Extended Producer Responsibility system, envisaged by the adopted National Waste Management Strategy
  • Violation of relevant provisions of Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine (Annex to Chapter 6 Title V)


Moreover, producing energy from burning of household waste is not encouraged within the EU member states. According to Directive #2009/28/EC, the government should encourage producing energy only from renewable sources, to which household waste does not belong.

Business community supports comprehensive approach taken by the Government in establishment of an effective waste management system in Ukraine. As of now the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Recourses of Ukraine is finalizing framework Draft Law “On Waste Management” which will be followed by development of sector-specific legislation regulating different types of waste, inter alia, packaging, electronic equipment waste.