82% of Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine Consider Fighting Corruption as №1 priority for Ukraine


Results of the Corruption Perception Survey held among Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, demonstrate that, unfortunately, the business community doesn’t observe noticeable progress in eliminating corruption in Ukraine since March 2014, but hopes for the situation to improve in 2016. 82% of respondents consider  fighting corruptionas the №1 priority  to improve business climate in Ukraine. 

For the second year in row American Chamber of Commerce conducted a survey among its Members on their perception of the level of corruption in Ukraine. This year 99 representatives of different business spheres took part in the survey. It should be noted that 73% of them do not believe that corrupt practices have decreased since March 2014. 88% of respondents note that they have directly faced corruption while doing business (to compare, last year such response was given by 91% of respondents). 

“Last year we conducted similar survey and decided to repeat it this year in order to understand how the situation has changed since then. Corruption remains one of  the key obstacles for doing effective, transparent and honest business. That’s why the Chamber uses all its opportunities for creating a favorable business-climate and for overcoming these barriers”, - highlighted Chamber President  Andy Hunder. 

Chamber Members believe the biggest obstacles to eliminating corruption in Ukraine are: absence of political will (48%), resistance of the state bodies to reforms (27%) and mentality of Ukrainians (17%). 

Moreover business community has determined top 3 types of corruption practices. The leader is demanding a bribe for speeding up the decisions / obtaining permits. Second and third places are distributed respectively, between misuse of official position and request for kickback to win a tender. 

Chamber Members also determined how the general perception of corruption level in Ukraine impacts on business: first of all, it results in higher expenses on legal support, audit and compliance procedures, and refusal to cooperate from foreign partners. 

Speaking about the anti-corruption legislation, most of respondents believe that it is not compliant with international standards and its implementation by law enforcement agencies is ineffective. 

In general, despite the negative dynamics, 51% of respondents are optimistic about prospects of anti-corruption fight in Ukraine in 2016. 

«Conducting the survey, first of all, we had 3 main goals: to get honest feedback from business environment, sharing our results with government, and find out how the situation has changed since March 2014 till nowadays. I think we achieved them», - sums up Mr. Igor Svitlyk, Head of the Chamber Anti-Corruption Working Group. 

About the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine

The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine is the most active and effective non-government, non-profit business association operating in Ukraine. One of the Chamber’s principal activities is to represent the foreign investment community as well as to facilitate the entrance of potential new investors into this market. The Chamber advocates on behalf of the Member Companies from over 50 nations across the globe not only to the Ukrainian government, but also to all other governments, which are economic partners of Ukraine, on matters of trade, commerce, and economic reform. 

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