Upcoming Events

Meeting with Sergiy Verlanov, Deputy Minister of Finance 19 March, 2019, 10:00 AM |

Participants discussed the peculiarities of the State Fiscal Service’s reform, recent changes in tax and customs legislation, plans of the Ministry of Finance for this year, and other important for business community issues within the tax and customs spheres

Legal Committee Meeting 18 March, 2019, 03:00 PM |

The meeting's participants discussed the issue of reimbursement of legal expenses, including results of the respective Chamber Survey

Researches showed that emotional intelligence is twice as important as was IQ and technical ability in driving performance. At the most senior levels, it accounted for a 90% of the difference between the best and the rest. Participants had an opportunity to get insignts from Ascendis Consulting experts as well as find out of development tool "BLUE EQ"

Meeting's participants discussed key challenges related to the development and operation of the aviation industry in Ukraine through three main benchmarks: regulatory, legal and business. We looked closer at the current status of the aviation industry and discussed possible ways of resolving its problematic issues

Today quite a lot of Ukrainian businesses are working with non-residents. The knowledge seminar helped participants to understand what they should pay attention to while doing business with non-residents and how to prevent the negative consequences of the tax audit

Chamber 2019 Board of Directors Members focused on discussion of investment opportunities and challenges on the eve of elections, key indicators of macroeconomic situation, international donors’ view on the current economic situation in Ukraine and further perspectives

Participants discussed implementation of Electronic Catalogs pilot project

During the meeting participants discussed the progress of implementation of energy reforms in Ukraine, inter alia status of the Third Energy Package implementation in Ukraine, current activities towards improvement of upstream sector, progress in electricity market reforms, including electricity production from alternative energy sources as well as cooperation of business community and the EU Delegation to Ukraine

Simplification of export procedure for barley to China, improvement of the procedure for issuance of warehouse documents and other issues were discussed during the meeting

Meeting’s participants discussed the necessity of distribution of powers between captain of the port, respective service within State Enterprise "Administration of Sea Ports of Ukraine" and State Service for Marine and River Transport

Workshop "GDPR in Full Force: What’s Now?" 06 March, 2019, 05:00 PM |

Workshop participants discussed the latest developments in terms of GDPR as well as what has been learnt from the international and local business as-a-whole and focused more on the common pitfalls and plugging the gaps

Kick-Off Meeting of Retail & E-Commerce Committee 06 March, 2019, 04:30 PM |

Participants discussed the Committee’s priorities and next steps related to Committee Leadership election, as well as shaped Committee’s position regarding Draft Law #9451 and the Ministry of Health Order #1138