Business School. Knowledge Lab Session "Interact and Cooperate. Corporate Affairs Basics"


Knowledge is a power, as we know from ancient Romans. Have you ever been aspired to learn something different from what you do now? We've prepared such an opportunity for you! We proudly present a new season of Business School by the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine - Knowledge Lab.

Today's dynamic business environment is demanding when it comes to employees' knowledge and skills. Companies become complex, diverse and fast-changing – to succeed they need collaborative teams with rounded view of different aspects of business. That's why our next module of Chamber Business School will focus on cross-functional development. We invited top leaders from our Chamber Member Companies who will share their expertise and experience and will equip you with new knowledge and broader perspective.

The school will include 10 free educational sessions covering diverse topics.

The third session "Interact and Cooperate. Corporate Affairs Basics".

The role of the Corporate Affairs function is hard to underestimate in current fast-changing business environment and instant news flow. It is crucial that company defends and builds its reputation via thought-over communication strategy, integrated with company vision. Our speaker Olesya Olenytska told about modern trends and innovative solutions in corporate affairs. Moreover we discussed structure of Corporate Affairs Department as well as the most necessary skills to become CA expert.


Olesya Olenytska, Director Government Relations and Public Affairs, METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine.

Olesya started her career in mass media as the journalist and editor-in-chief. Now she is responsible for anti-crisis, internal & external corporate communications’, strategy development and management, corporate social responsibility and sustainability projects etc.



The fourth session "Art of Procurement. Secrets of Supplier Relationship Management​" is scheduled for June 27, 5:00 PM at KPMG Office (32/2 Moskovska Street).


Vita Miroshnychenko, CEO, CPTL Group.

Vita is an expert in logistics, customs clearance and transportation management. She is lecturer and author of the MBA course “International business” in SIC MBA Academy. Vita also conducts lectures in “Liga: Zakon” and Kyiv Logistics School.


Stay tuned and follow our updates – more interesting sessions are coming soon.