Workshop “How to Resist the Illegal Import and Falsification? Creating an Effective Protection”


Event was organized jointly with Member Company Cratia.

Mykola Romaniok, Head of the Working Group on Healthcare Hardware & Medical Devices Manufacturers, and Ruslan Sovershennyi, Head of the Working Group on Health & Medical Services Providers, disclosed one of the most demanded services to date on the markets, namely - the creation of an effective system of protection against illegal import for business, discussed with participant’s methods of combating illegal import, and shared the results achieved in this area.


  • How does illegal import spread on the market;
  • How does it destroy the official business (lack of responsibility, unethical advertising and promotion, non-compliance with delivery and storage conditions, aggressive dumping);
  • Existing state mechanisms that do not work effectively. Why the state system does not cope and how to use these tools;
  • Building a system to protect against illegal import through active interaction of the official importer and producer;
  • Methods of protection against illegal import in the mass market and hospital segment and possible outcomes for official business;
  • Key impact areas for combating illegal importers:
    • Customs clearance of illegal cargo;
    • Blocking of interest of end users;
    • Tools of the criminal code for the illegal importer;
    • Closing of websites, domain names and presence in the network;
    • Initiation of inspections for all persons involved in illegal import by state bodies and general commissions (creation of common effective bodies, protection against corruption);
    • Explanatory work with distributors;
    • Use of trademark protection tools.
  • Successful and implemented business cases.