WELDI Business Breakfast "The Secret of Leadership: Insights from Susan Danger"


On February 1, WELDI opened the year hosting one of the most influential women in Brussels, Susan Danger. CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce to the EU shared her own story, beginning with how it started and what experience she values the most. The event was moderated by American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine Vice President Tetyana Prokopchuk.

Susan highlighted three main points, crucial for gaining success: to work hard and well, to improve social skills and to build trust. Also special place was given to education, in particular parent education and knowledge of different languages.

A nothing comes easy, there are challenges you face during your way. Susan considered challenging to be listened to, as you should always find a balance between being assertive and not being rude; to calm emotions, and she advises to take a deep breath and to tell yourself, that everything is okay; and to save confidence, say to yourself, that you are as good as other people. Also Susan named women, who influenced her career and her personal life – her mother, who always encouraged her to extend her horizons, and one of the chairwoman, who criticized her decisions in AmCham EU. As a role model Susan names Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund.

Besides, it is important for woman to have family and husband’s support, when it comes to leadership, and it always comes harder, when it comes to children. Susan stresses, that the key here is to make sure, that you have someone, who will share children care with you, and to be there for your children, when it is important for them.

During the Q&A Session Susan answered regarding her work-life balance, approaches to tough negotiations and where to find strength to go on during the difficult times. We are grateful to everyone who came and asked questions, and also to Susan Danger for coming and for very frank dialog with WELDI participants.


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