Knowledge Seminar "Chatbots for Business"


Event was organized jointly with Company INCUUBE.

Chatbots are getting more and more popular and effective tool for business to interact with customers. Ukrainian business is highly interested in applying them to be well presented online, open new communication channel with customers, unload some operation processes and other reasons.

The seminar was focused on discussion of the following questions:

  • What are chatbots?
  • Review of the trends in the bot's industry
  • Review of available tools and frameworks
  • What is important to know before developing a bot for your business?
  • In-depth review of bot example



Maksym Dovgopolyi, Incuube, Director. Maksym started his career as a junior developer and now he runs a software development company that focused on the development of mobile apps, web applications and chatbots.

Anton Grebennikov, Incuube, Project Manager. Antons' career started from digital marketing and then gradually re-framed into IT Project Management. As a Project Manager he has launched a variety of products from different market domains. Nowadays, he devotes himself to chatbots development and delivery. Identifying main business goals of clients, Anton results them in success.

Andrey Kochura, Incuube, Solutions Architect. Andrey started his career as a mobile apps developer and now he is designing and implementing the effective technical business solutions relying on his advanced technical knowledge combined with sound business vision.

Kostiantyn Kyzymenko, Philip Morris Ukraine, Innovations Executive. Kostiantyn is responsible for innovative projects execution in PMU. He has experience of bots implementation from design to delivery stage.