Conference “Disruptive Trends and Adaptive Business Contingency Models: Challenges and Implications of Digitalization”


Event organized jointly by the Chamber and OSAC Ukraine.

The Conference was aimed at illustrating current state of cyber-security of Ukraine and Ukrainian business as well as suggesting ways of developing preventive strategies. The mentioned topics will be discussed during the following panels:

  • OSAC Ukraine success story;
  • Cyber contingency plan: How to survive a major attack;
  • Active shooter preparedness and training opportunities;
  • Association of Corporate Security Professionals in Ukraine: its role and approach in helping business and corporate security environment to mitigate risks;
  • US Peace Corps. Safety and security of American citizens serving for Peace Corps across Ukraine.


Among the keynote speakers were: 

  • Jeffrey Roberts, RSO, OSAC Ukraine Public Sector Co-Chairman;
  • Gennadiy Reznichenko, OSAC Ukraine Private Sector Co-Chairman;
  • Alexey Yankovski, President, ISACA Kyiv Chapter;
  • Sergii Grabskyi, Security Specialist, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Poland, Corporate Security, World Bank Group;
  • Sergei Pogrebnoy, Chairman of the Board, ACSPU;
  • Andriy Manoryk, Managing Director, ACSPU;
  • Ivan Nykyforuk, Safety and Security Manager, Peace Corps Ukraine.