Coaching Competences in Business. Session 1


The first season in Chamber Business School devoted to coaching style of management. The course "Coaching Competences in Business" consists of 10 knowledgeable and interesting sessions on useful topics from Basics of the Coaching to Team Coaching.

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Session 1 "Wind of Changes: Basics and Definitions of Coaching" included the following:

Coaching skills for leader: when, with whom, why and what for?

How to stop being a leader, who answers questions and turn into leader, who puts questions






Chamber Business School is the personal development program for experienced CEOs and top-level management of Chamber Member Companies. During our courses they will enhance their management, leadership and other professional skills and will be ready to use the acquired knowledge for an achieve of new business horizons.

This year we start with boosting team effectiveness and motivation. During 10-session course "Coaching Competences in Business" you will learn how to give your employees an understanding of the connection between work and results, and how to use coaching for building an active team.

The course will be delivered by Anzhela Yastreb, leader of Ukrainian Coaching, professional coach, founder and CEO of the Academy coaching Mastery WPG, mentor of International Coaching Federation.