Chamber Friday University Workshop "Meaningful Negotiation in Times of Crisis"


Chamber Friday University is a series of half-day workshops that aims to give an overview and focus on various topics which may help our participants in their professional and personal development. These highly interactive workshops use a wide range of formats including video, demonstrations, lectures, discussions and simulations.

The first workshop within the program – Meaningful negotiation in times of crisis. Our guest speaker Frank C. Laney shared practical advice on how to deal with conflicts via negotiations and avoid lawsuits; he also gave a thorough overview of the mediation process, along with practicing.

Workshop agenda:

  • Why is it necessary to use Harvard Method in negotiations?
  • What should be done if you came to the deadlock in your negotiations?
  • What is the purpose of mediation
  • Negotiator vs Mediator: tasks and roles
  • Mediation in action. Practical part
  • Mediator's toolkit: what can you learn from the mediator and apply in everyday practice?
  • How does mediation work in Ukraine: professionalism and trust



Frank C. Laney is a world-class expert in conflict resolution. Frank has 21 years of service as a Mediator for the U.S. Court of Appeals. Mr. Laney successfully mediated over 4000 cases and reached more than 80% agreements in mediation. Frank C. Laney is the Chair of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee of the North Carolina State Judicial Council, Fulbright grantee as well as certified as a Superior Court, Family Financial and Clerk Program mediator by the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission.


The workshop was supported by the Kyiv Mohyla Business School, Ukrainian Mediation Center and NGO Association for Family Mediators of Ukraine.

Еаch participant received a certificate after workshop attendance.