Knowledge Seminar "Look Into the Future of Travel Management"


"The future is already here – it's just not evenly distributed" – William Gibson. The world is standing on the verge of a technological breakthrough that will change economic relations, political systems, management, culture, religion, the way of thinking, families, cities and countries.

Participants met with Valerii Pekar and discussed the following questions:

  • How will technology breakthrough impact on economy and politics?
  • Will human psychology, people's relationship to food, money, traveling, religion change?
  • What changes will appear in private lives and families?
  • What should we do now to be ready for these changes?


The knowledge seminar has been conducted in the form of the lecture and group practical tasks based on future aspects.

Sponsors of the event – Air France KLM and the travel management company Obriy Inc., JSC, American Express Global Business Travel shared their vision regarding the future of corporate travel management. Participants had a great opportunity to meet new partners during the networking part of the seminar. Thay also had an opportunity to take part in the drawing of certificate provided by Air France KLM.


Seminar has been organized jointly with: