B2G Events

Seeds Committee Meeting Today 20 February, 2019, 04:00 PM |

Participants will shape further steps with regard to infographics on seeds industry portrait as well as discuss results and outcomes of the Seeds Forum 2019

We will discuss latest amendments to Constitution confirming Ukraine's path towards EU and NATO and further steps of the Government on its implementation, current issues of country's foreign policy, and the steps for ensuring positive image of Ukraine on international arena

Meeting of the Working Group on Media & Communication 1 day 21 February, 2019, 04:00 PM |

Don’t miss the opportunity to discuss content perception and opportunities to monetize it

Join us to discuss key provisions of the Draft Law amending legislation on food safety (package law) and priorities of the Service for 2019

We will discuss clarification on the implementation of CMU Resolution #10 and main provisions of the bylaws to Law #2501-VIII as well as shape next steps for preserving Indonesian market for wheat from Ukraine

Panel Discussion "Macroeconomic Outlook & Forecast for Ukraine" 2 days 22 February, 2019, 04:00 PM |

Don't miss the opportunity to hear about key indicators of macroeconomic situation in Ukraine and on Western markets, get insights on inflation forecasts and investment trends

Workshop "Cybersecurity Challenges in Central and Eastern Europe" 6 days 26 February, 2019, 10:00 AM |

We will discuss the key findings of the cyber security research conducted jointly by CMS Cameron McKenna LLC, Legal Week and The American Lawyer, responding to cyber threats, levels of risk awareness and expert insight on 2020 trend in cyber security strategy

Hospitality & Tourism Working Group Meeting 6 days 26 February, 2019, 04:00 PM |

Kateryna Simonova, Head of Tourism Office of Zaporizhia City Council will present newly established regional tourism office aimed at promotion of Zaporizhia as business tourism destination and a venue for future events

Don’t miss the opportunity to discuss transformation of EU railway market in conditions of liberalization, stages of reforming the railway transport market through the scope of the EU Directives and other questions

Our guest speakers will deliver different presentations devoted to the topic "Innovations and HR"

Join us to hear more about possibility of using insurance products for producers of seeds, plant protection products and fertilizers, as well as insurance products for traders

Hospitality & Tourism Working Group Meeting 19 February, 2019, 02:00 PM |

Participants discussed amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine, in particular, Article 268 on tourism tax