• Andy Hunder Andy Hunder


Vice Presidents
  • Nadiya Polishchuk Nadiya Polishchuk

    Vice President of Operations

  • Tetyana Prokopchuk Tetyana Prokopchuk

    Vice President of Policy

Policy Team
  • Natalya Plikha Natalya Plikha

    Policy Team Manager

  • Nataliya Gotvianska Nataliya Gotvianska

    Senior Policy Officer (Committees)

  • Olena Stepanova Olena Stepanova

    Policy Officer (Committees)

  • Galyna Isakiv Galyna Isakiv

    Policy Officer (Regulatory & External Relations)

  • Bogdan Ivaniuk Bogdan Ivaniuk

    Policy Officer (Committees)

  • Tetiana Temniuk Tetiana Temniuk

    Policy Officer (Energy Issues)

  • Yulia Stelmakh Yulia Stelmakh

    Policy Officer (Food & Beverage Issues)

  • Mariia Goncharenko Mariia Goncharenko

    Policy Officer (Agriculture Issues)

  • Maxim Proskurov Maxim Proskurov

    Policy Officer (Healthcare Issues)

  • Inna Markus Inna Markus

    Healthcare Committee Assistant

  • Tetiana Sytnyk Tetiana Sytnyk

    Junior Policy Officer

  • Volodymyr Delbin Volodymyr Delbin

    Junior Policy Officer (IT Issues)

  • Oksana Shvets Oksana Shvets

    Policy Team Assistant

  • Yuliana Chyzhova Yuliana Chyzhova

    Communications Coordinator

  • Daria Logvynenko Daria Logvynenko

    Communications Coordinator

Marketing Team
  • Yana Yanson Yana Yanson

    Marketing Manager

  • Borys Kuleshov Borys Kuleshov

    Senior Marketing Coordinator

  • Valeriya Borzysta Valeriya Borzysta

    Marketing Coordinator

  • Olga Matvieieva Olga Matvieieva

    Social Media Marketing Coordinator

  • Vladislav Kazak Vladislav Kazak

    Junior Electronic Media Coordinator

Membership Team
  • Olga Skrypka Olga Skrypka

    Membership Development Manager

  • Roman Kravets Roman Kravets

    CRM Coordinator

  • Yuliya Tseryshenko Yuliya Tseryshenko

    Membership Team Assistant

Events Team
  • Borys Ryabinchuk Borys Ryabinchuk

    Event Manager

  • Anastasiia Morozova Anastasiia Morozova

    Event Coordinator

  • Davyd Arutiunian Davyd Arutiunian

    Events Coordinator

  • Iryna Kalmykova Iryna Kalmykova

    Event Coordinator

  • Andrii Donchuk Andrii Donchuk

    Events Assistant

Administrative Team
  • Lilia Topol Lilia Topol

    Administrative & Financial Coordinator

  • Yuliya Nacharova Yuliya Nacharova

    Personal Assistant

  • Kateryna Smol Kateryna Smol

    Chief Accountant

  • Olena Potylko Olena Potylko


  • Nataliia Kharchenko Nataliia Kharchenko


  • Marina Pobuta Marina Pobuta


  • Volodymyr Poplavets Volodymyr Poplavets

  • Olexandr Bondarenko Olexandr Bondarenko

Human Resources Team
  • Anyuta Semotyuk Anyuta Semotyuk

    HR Manager

  • Tatiana Gumenchuk Tatiana Gumenchuk

    HR Coordinator