Chamber 2018 Board of Directors

  • Chairman Grzegorz Chmielarski Grzegorz Chmielarski

    Managing Director, McDonald's Ukraine

  • Treasurer Iryna Kozlova Iryna Kozlova

    General Manager, PepsiCo Ukraine

  • Secretary and Legal Advisor Serhiy Chorny Serhiy Chorny

    Head of Representative Office in Ukraine, Managing Partner, Baker McKenzie

  • Director Nathalie Alquier Nathalie Alquier

    General Manager, Danone

  • Director Guilhem Granier Guilhem Granier

    Country Chair and General Manager Rx, SANOFI Ukraine

  • Director Lenna Koszarny Lenna Koszarny

    Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer, Horizon Capital

  • Director Francis Malige Francis Malige

    Managing Director, Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

  • Director Alastair McBain Alastair McBain

    Managing Director, Arawak Energy Ukraine B.V.

  • Director Evgeniy Shevchenko Evgeniy Shevchenko

    Managing Director, Carlsberg Ukraine

  • Director Vasile Varvaroi Vasile Varvaroi

    Regional Lead, Cargill AT